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Private Coaching Pack

We draw up a personalised programme aligned with your objectives, with a view to maximising the player's potential for his or her competitions, whether as support or as part of a more comprehensive framework. This includes improving the player's tennis, both mentally and physically, as well as tactically. We offer constant guidance and support. Tailor-made programmes are available on request, designed in consultation with the player, his family and his team, to ensure that they meet the objectives set. The player will have access to experts in each specific area and will benefit from training in small groups. We also offer coaching during tournaments, including warm-ups and confidence-building techniques, providing ongoing support to observe the player's development and reactions in real-life situations.


VIP Training Pack

Exclusive small group or individual courses available during the annual and summer holidays, for adults and young people. These sessions are offered in the evenings during the summer for adults, and at any time during the school holidays. The courses take place during the day throughout the summer.


Mental Preparation

We offer mental preparation support using an innovative approach. To determine whether we can assist you, it is essential to understand your objectives. I invite you to contact us to arrange a meeting, at which time I can assess whether we can begin working together.


Member ViP competition Coaching TEAM

Ongoing support: We support players in their development, setting short-, medium- and long-term goals together. The player will receive full support from our team, benefiting from coaching at all levels and personalised monitoring of their competition programme, drawn up jointly with the TEAM. He will remain in constant contact with us, benefiting from a clearly defined schedule and a shared vision of the direction to take. This programme requires the prior approval of the VIP TEAM. The player is assigned a head coach, who will monitor his progress and ensure that the programme is followed in the best possible conditions.

Who are we?

Our team

We operate mainly in the heart of Brussels, covering the areas of Ixelles, Woluwé Saint-Pierre and Wezembeek, where we offer our services and support.

Our team stands out for its dedication and expertise.

I am Didier MaesI've devoted my life to sport, specialising in tennis coaching. My career has been marked by continuous training: I'm a graduate of the AFT and I also have a diploma as an educational expert, which qualifies me to train other coaches. My passion doesn't stop there; I have a strong inclination for the mental preparation of athletes, enriched by training in sophrology, which I incorporate into my training sessions. My experience has helped a number of players progress to the B rankings, not to mention the many tournaments they have won under my tutelage. I surround myself with qualified and passionate coaches, chosen not only for their technical and teaching expertise in tennis, but also for their sporting spirit. They all share a common goal: to offer players all the support they need, whether technical, tactical, physical or mental, to help them develop and succeed in their sporting endeavours.

VIP - Very important player -

Why put your trust in us?

As you have no doubt noticed, the monitoring of players in tennis schools often leaves a lot to be desired, with priorities poorly defined.

Coaches feel little valued or considered, and aspects that are crucial to the development of tennis skills are generally not addressed. What's more, a lack of information and insufficient coordination between the various players mean that a considerable amount of time is wasted and disappointment is felt about the follow-up provided.

We are committed to giving new meaning to players' training and seasons. By adopting an innovative approach, we aim to guide players towards the discovery of solutions covering all the essential aspects of tennis. In-depth communication with players and their parents will be at the heart of our approach, as it is essential for significant progress.

Regular, well-planned monitoring will ensure that each player makes real progress. Thanks to effective coordination between our coaches, we can ensure optimum development.

We will ensure that every member of our team acts in a caring manner, while respecting educational principles and adopting the right methods. Our attention will also be focused on all the peripheral aspects that are essential to the development of an accomplished sportsman or woman, ensuring that each player receives complete care and respect for his or her potential.

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